I am a college student trying to reach my achievement to be a Teacher. It has been a rough road for me. At first when I started college I wanted to be a secretary for someone, but the whole typing fast thing was not my thing.. Lol. So, then I thought maybe I can be a medical secretary and thinking it will be easier to manage. I was way off. It was the most difficult class I have taken. Finally, in a traveling experience I got to teach children. It was the best feeling in the world! And finally my heart started to feel that is what I want to be doing for a really long time. Teaching is a special gift and I am very honor to be able to learn about new ways to teach students. Now, I feel closer than ever to achieve my dream to be a teacher. You all that are in college do not lose hope. If its something you want to do and makes you happy, then achieve it. Fight for something that is worth the fight. You’ll be much happier when you finally achieve it. Best wishes to all those who started college this spring 😀

-Lady Natali

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