Relationship thoughts

Hey guys,
It’s almost 2am here in Atlanta and my mind just won’t let me sleep. All day long I’ve been thinking about relationships and how many of us take them for granted. We sometimes believe that we deserve to meet someone who makes us happy and who would stay up all night to listen to our problems. If that were the case what about the people who don’t have a significant other or even just a close friend? I think that we all deserve to have people in our lives no matter what we might have done in the past. But sometimes we have to wait to meet someone to spend the rest of our life’s with or even months. I know from experience it’s extremely hard to be single for what seems like forever. I just hope that the day will come when I can say “sorry, I’m taken.” On the other hand it sure is fun being single. For those who are single live it up and hopefully you’ll find your person soon. If your taken then I wish you luck in your relationship.
-Lady Daisy

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